Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates

Updated July 1, 2020

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our clients, patients and staff are of utmost importance to us at Garden Oaks Veterinary Center, especially the COVID-19 crisis continued in our community.

We are now allowing ONE client in the center per veterinary appointment, if requested. For your safety, curbside pick-up options are still available. All technician appointments will continue to be conducted via curbside pick-up.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that all clients who enter our center wear a mask.

Curbside Appointment Process:

Here are a few instructions for and things to expect during a hands-free curbside appointment for your pet:

  1. All hands-free curbside appointments will be given a scheduled time by a GOVC team member, similar to a regular office visit.
  2. Please call as you are arriving. A GOVC team member will obtain a medical history from you and approval for routine services. You may email us prior to your appointment at with any history, questions, or concerns regarding your pet’s condition in order to expedite the process and to give us extra time to develop a treatment plan for your pet.
  3. Please provide your vehicle make, model, and color for accurate identification.
  4. All patients will be securely leashed via a double lead slip leash (or in their carrier), and a team member will escort your pet to the treatment area.
  5. A doctor will call with physical exam findings and recommendations for further diagnostics, etc. for ill patients. A cost estimate can gladly be given to you.
  6. Once the examination and treatments are complete, payment can be made via our Bluetooth terminals with a credit/debit card. If paying by cash, please specify how much, so as to ensure one transaction can take place with accurate change given back to you.
  7. Any recheck appointments may be scheduled at time of check out.
  8. All documents, including invoices, will be emailed to you.
  9. Your pet will be escorted back to your vehicle by our medical team and any prescription medications will be explained to you.


After your pet is picked-up by our staff, please remain ON-SITE and IN YOUR CAR for the duration of your pet’s appointment. We do not have the staff or the kennel space in the center to accommodate multiple drop-off appointments. Please note that an additional day boarding charge may be added to your invoice if you are not present to pick up your pet after their appointment.

Curbside Pick-Up For Medication Refills:

In addition to curbside care, we will also be providing curbside pick-up for all medication refills.

Here is what to expect for curbside medication pick-up:

  1. We ask that you call ahead to request a medication refill. We do attempt to get medication(s) refilled on the same day, but there may be a shortage in certain medications that may prevent us from doing so. We would like to inform you of this issue prior to you arriving should it arise.
  2. Please call us as you arrive to pick-up medication(s). Please specify which patient the medication(s) are for, and we will be happy to bring them to your vehicle.
  3. Your invoice will be presented to you and subsequent payment can be made via our Bluetooth terminals with a credit/debit card. If paying by cash, please specify how much, so as to ensure one transaction can take place with accurate change given back to you.
  4. All documents, including invoices, will be emailed to you.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we navigate this new process. Please reach out to us at 832-924-0113 with any questions or concerns.

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