Pet Wellness Care in Houston

A Proactive Approach to Veterinary Care

Pets are integral to the emotional health of our families, filling us with unparalleled joy and providing unconditional support. Though they lack the language to articulate it, we do the same for them—they depend on us. Protecting them from preventable illness and ensuring they are always in the best position to live long, healthy lives is a concern that we relate to, which is why we strive to offer exemplary wellness care for dogs and cats in Houston.

Preventative care is your pet’s first line of defense. Annual exams allow our team to prevent, diagnose, and treat a disease in its early stages, often before any noticeable symptoms begin. The earlier the treatment starts, the more effective it is in keeping your pet from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Our veterinarians and technicians give our pet patients the respect and attention they deserve. When we perform a wellness checkup, we conduct a thorough examination of your pet’s health to ensure we are providing them with the care they need to thrive. Whether that means vaccinations, grooming, skincare, or something else, our team is here to keep your pet healthy.

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Preventive Health Measures

Annual Veterinary Exams: Garden Oaks Veterinary Center's comprehensive annual exams evaluate temperature, skin and coat, ear and hearing acuity, lung and chest, internal health, oral hygiene, eye health, and visual responsiveness.

Additionally, our wellness checkups include the following:


Young animals are like children— keeping them safe and happy is a never-ending job. Vaccinations are the best weapon against many viral and bacterial infections, preventing deadly diseases. It’s essential to administer vaccinations while your pets are still puppies or kittens, as their young immune systems are still developing and need protection to stay healthy. Vaccinations are vital to pet health and should be administered to every animal.

Our veterinarian will help you with every step of the vaccination process, including:

  • Pet examination and introductory vaccinations
  • Necessary booster shots
  • Vaccine education

Keep your family member safe by scheduling their vaccinations today. Be sure to arrive on time to pick up your pet—we know they will be happy to see you!

How Often Should My Pet Receive a Wellness Checkup?

The best frequency for wellness checkups depends on your pet’s age and health. You should bring in puppies or kittens for a checkup every three to four months until they reach one year old, then once a year after that.

Elderly pets may need more frequent examinations due to their weaker immune systems and other age-related issues. During your pet’s appointment, we can give you personalized information regarding how often you should bring them in based on their current health.

One clinic we want to thank is Animal Care Center of Anderson, Ohio! They have assisted us with our new Wellness Plans, "Coming Soon!" Thank You ACC Anderson Team!!!

What if My Pet Doesn’t Like Going to the Vet?

For some pets, a trip to the veterinarian’s office can be confusing and stressful, often triggering anxiety or episodes of acting out. Moments like this can be challenging—after all, you only want what is best for your pet, and the fact that they don’t understand how necessary these appointments are can be frustrating or even traumatizing. If your pet has difficulty visiting the vet, consider these tips.

One of the most important things you can do is to keep your pet calm and relaxed before and during the visit. You may influence their mood by giving your pet plenty of positive reinforcement, such as treats or toys, and maintaining a calm demeanor. Additionally, some products on the market can calm your pets and prepare them for these situations; however, we ask that you consult our team before giving them to your pet, as they could complicate the examination process or, worse yet, affect their health.

Another helpful tip is to make the vet’s office a more appealing and familiar place for your pet. Try to visit the office when you are not there for an appointment so your pet can become more familiar with the environment. Taking them for a walk around our premises may also help acclimate them to our space. Bringing familiar items, like a blanket that smells like home, can also help comfort them while they wait.

Lastly, consider talking with one of our veterinarians or technicians about your pet’s anxiety. We have a great deal of experience dealing with stress in pets and will do everything we can to make visiting our office easier on them.

Comprehensive Preventative Care from an AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital

Keeping pets happy and healthy is among our greatest passions. The best way to ensure that your dog or cat is ready for a bright future is to prioritize their wellness and to stay informed regarding their overall health. Trust our team at Garden Oaks Veterinary Center for thorough and reliable pet wellness care in Houston.

To schedule a wellness checkup with our team, call us at (713) 999-6095 or book online.

Please follow all post-operative instructions to ensure a full recovery.

When you arrive to pick up your pet, a technician will meet with you to review any home-care instructions, including feeding instructions, medications, and any activity restrictions you will need to follow. This will be a great time for you to ask any questions you might have before taking your pet home. If your pet goes home with an e-collar, please be sure to keep the e-collar on at ALL times until the sutures are removed (10 days minimum) to avoid any repairs or delays in healing. Any medications, supplies (including e-collars) or repairs needed after your pet goes home will be an additional cost. We encourage you to schedule any needed follow-up visits when you pick up.

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Established May of 2015, our mission at Garden Oaks Veterinary Center is to provide relationship-centered, compassionate care to our clients and high-quality medicine and diagnostics for all patients. Through open communication and education, we strive to be a trusted partner in your pet’s health care and are dedicated to redefining the experience of “going to the vet.”

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  • “Thank you SO SO SO much Robert Fisher and the entire Garden Oaks staff. Y’all are truly incredible.”

    - Ashley K.
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    - Magda D.
  • “This was my first visit and it’s a different environment compared to other veterinaries I’ve visited. Friendly and very helpful staff. Max (my dog) was very nervous at first so they made sure to make him as comfortable as possible.”

    - Carlos S.