Protect Your Pets From Heartworm

Administering monthly oral or topical heartworm preventative medication year-round is your pet’s best defense against heartworm disease and annual tests verify that the medication is working. At Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic, we recommend Revolution for cats and Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs.

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What is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is very serious for pets, as it can result in heart failure, lung disease and even death in pets. Heartworms are spread through mosquito bites, which results in worms producing offspring inside your pet. These worms live in the heart, lungs and blood vessels of an infected animal.

Heartworm in Dogs

When an infected mosquito bites a dog, the mosquito spreads the larvae of heartworms to the dog through the bite wound. For the now newly infected dog, it usually takes about six or seven months for the larvae to develop into adult heartworms, which then mate, causing the female to release their offspring into the dog’s bloodstream. Heartworm disease is not contagious and is only spread through the bite of a mosquito. Once inside a dog, a heartworm’s lifespan is five to seven years.

Heartworm in Cats

Cats can get heartworm after being bitten by an infected mosquito, however, they are not as susceptible to it as dogs are—the worms don’t thrive as well inside a cat’s body. Both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk for heartworm disease. Heartworms don’t live as long or grow as long in cats as they do in dogs, and fewer of the worms mature into adults. Cats with heartworm disease may have symptoms that resemble other feline diseases—these include vomiting, loss of appetite and activity and weight loss.

The Best—and Cheapest—Treatment for Heartworm is Prevention!

In our warm and humid climate, mosquitos thrive, which make the disease very prevalent in Houston. There are many FDA-approved preventative products out there, which can be given monthly as a topical liquid or as an oral tablet (Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic carries Sentinel Spectrum and Revolution). Year-round prevention is the best way to avoid those nasty heartworms—again, because of our climate, your pets are extremely susceptible to heartworm, so please be aware of this potentially deadly disease!

Prevention is key when protecting your pet against heartworm. Request an appointment online today, or give us a call at (713) 999-6095
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