dog looking out of car window

Pets Gone Wild: Spring Break Travel Prep

Hitting the road with a furry friend this spring break? Make sure you plan ahead so both of you have a stress-free trip!

  • As soon as you know when and where you’ll be traveling, schedule a visit with us to check that your pet’s vaccines are up to date and that you haven’t missed a dose of their flea, tick and heartworm preventative medications. Also make sure your pet’s microchip registration is updated.
  • If you’re taking your pet across state or international borders, health certificates and other documentation from an accredited veterinarian may be required. Our USDA-accredited veterinarian can issue both types of health certificates and will ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel.
  • Know what types of carriers and kennels are allowed on the plane and how to label them—don’t forget to check for what’s allowed in your pet’s kennel, as some of your pet’s favorite toys may not be permitted
  • Make frequent stops if you’re driving. Your pup probably needs to use the bathroom more frequently than you do, so stopping at least every 3-4 hours is best.
  • Find a 24-hour emergency clinic in your destination. If your pet becomes sick or injured, you’ll be prepared.

For more information on traveling with your pet, visit the  American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Travel and Transport site or call us at (713) 999-6095