A Statement From Dr. Chmaitelli Regarding Bravecto Flea And Tick Preventative

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our patients and the safety of the products we prescribe. With over 80 million doses of Bravecto sold worldwide, the reported signs, including seizures, remain very rare—less than 1 per 10,000 dogs. At GOVC we have sold thousands of doses and have never seen these side effects. For those reasons, our doctors stand behind Bravecto and want to make sure you have the most current and accurate information about this alert:

The FDA still considers Bravecto a very safe product. The agency’s alert states directly that the FDA still considers products in the isoxazoline class (including Bravecto) to be safe and effective for dogs and cats.

The instances of seizures with use of Bravecto are incredibly rare. With over 80 million doses sold world-wide, the FDA reports adverse reactions to Bravecto are less than 1 in 10,000 dogs.

GOVC has sold thousands of doses with no reported neurologic side effects. As of September 2018, we have sold almost 10,000 Bravecto doses at GOVC, and we have not seen any of the reported adverse side effects.

Team GOVC uses Bravecto too! Bravecto is the same flea and tick preventative that our team members, including myself, give to our own pets. We treat our patients with the same care and quality medicine that we provide to our pets at home, and if we were to observe any harmful side effects, we would pull it from our shelves immediately.

Beware of side effects in other products. There are numerous substantiated reports of adverse reactions in pets to Trifexis and Comfortis, including seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and even pancreatitis. In fact, I have personally been involved in litigation against their manufacturers due to the concerning symptoms I witnessed in patients. For this reason, I truly believe Bravecto is the safest product on the market, and it is the only one we carry at GOVC.

If your dog has a history of seizures, consult a veterinarian. The FDA alert indicates that Bravecto, along with other flea and tick preventatives, should be used with caution in dogs with a known history of seizures. That’s why we require a physical exam before prescribing any medication so that our veterinarians can make recommendations based on your pet’s individual needs.

Flea and tick prevention is critical in controlling disease. Disease carried by fleas and ticks poses an immediate threat to the heath of pets and humans. Safe, preventive medication is critical in protecting your pet and family from these diseases. That’s especially true here in Houston where it never gets cold enough to kill off the parasite population.

GOVC is dedicated to providing the safest and most effective medication. We make it our priority to stay on top of any new and changing information on products we recommend for our patients. We appreciate the trust that you place in us to care for your pets, and as Chief Veterinary Officer, I promise that we will always put your pet’s safety first.

We will continue to stay in communication with the manufacturer and you, as a pet owner, so that you can make informed decisions about your pet’s care and have full confidence in our recommendations. Please don’t hesitate to let our team know if you have any questions or would like to speak with me or our Associate Veterinarian, Dr. Calabrese—we always welcome an open conversation if you have any concerns.

All the best to you and your pets,

Stephen K. Chmaitelli, DVM
Chief Veterinary Officer
Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic