Is Your Pet Sleeping More? This May Be Why.

More naps, please! Older pets need a little more rest and sleep, and it’s a good idea to provide them comfy, quiet places where they can curl up and catch a few ZZZs. Special bedding with extra padding for sore joints might be very welcome now.

Here we go again. And again. Frequent potty breaks are something your older pet wants and needs. They can’t hold it as long as they once did, and longer walks before you leave will give your pet plenty of chances to take care of business.

Feed the need. Diet needs change as pets age, and it’s a good idea to consider putting your pet on a senior diet. These specially-formulated foods support heart and joint health as well as weight management. At GOVC, our online pharmacy carries a variety of diets to ensure your pet’s needs are met.

Hey! I still wanna play! It’s super important to keep your pet active as they age to stay mobile and physically healthy. Sure, your dog may not be able to run as fast and your cat might not be as fast on the draw after that feather toy, but they still enjoy it—and attention from you.

What’s up, doc? Your pet needs to see the vet more often for exams and blood tests. Because pets age more rapidly than people, diseases and illness develop faster as well. The best way to avoid a more serious and expensive problem is with preventive care and testing. Both are quick and relatively painless for your pet and can add years to his or her life.

Now where’d I put my ball again? Just like people, pets age mentally as well as physically. This can result in forgetfulness, disorientation, increased barking or meowing and confusion. About 28% of senior pets suffer from cognitive dysfunction.

At GOVC, we can answer your questions and tell you all the secrets about for helping your senior pet live the longest, healthiest life possible! Schedule an appointment online or call us at (713) 999-6095.