Hurricane Prep For Pets

Microchip your pets. Truly, this is one of the most important things you can do for your pets right now. If your pets are already microchipped, check that their registration is updated with your current address and phone number. Pets often run off when they are afraid, and microchipping helps make it easier for authorities to get your pet back to you.

Put together a disaster preparedness kit. You probably already have a kit like this for your human family members, and you should have one for your pets as well. The kit should include:

  • Enough food, water and necessary medications for five days.
  • Photos of you with your pets to help identify them if they get lost—and to prove to authorities that your pets are indeed your pets.
  • Sturdy leashes and carriers that are big enough for your pets to lay down in for extended periods of time.
  • Medical records and contact information for your veterinarian.
  • Fun toys to keep busy!
  • Extra blankets and warm clothing for your pets in case the power goes out, or they get wet and cold.

Find somewhere to stay ahead of time. In an emergency, you may have to leave your home, and many shelters don’t allow pets. Call hotels ahead of time to see if they would allow you to bring your pets in case of an emergency.

Bring your pets inside. Whether you need to evacuate or you are holed up in your home for a few days, your pet should be inside and with you.

To get your pets microchipped, or to get more help preparing for emergencies as a pet owner, call us now at (713) 999-6095.