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Pet Insurance Options

There are many pet insurance companies available, and we encourage you to seek different options to find the best fit for you and your furry friend. Like health insurance for people, pet policies have different deductibles, co-payments and premiums and many policies require that the pet owner must pay the bill in full, file a claim, and then wait for reimbursement from the insurance company.

While you are considering which pet insurance option might be best for you and your pet, here are some questions to ask before you commit to any insurance provider:

  • Is there a physical exam required to get coverage?
  • What percentage of the bill does the company pay after the deductible?
  • Are there co-pays?
  • Does the plan cover pre-existing conditions and recurring medical problems?
  • Can you choose any veterinarian or animal hospital?
  • Are prescription drugs covered?
  • Does the policy pay if your pet is being treated and dies?

There is a growing range of pet health insurance companies and policies available on the market and it is important to make an informed decision before you choose a provider. Check out this handy tool online that provides additional information on pet insurance options and even lets you compare companies and policies side-by-side.

At Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic, we have plenty of experience working with a variety of pet insurance companies and can help guide you in your decision making. In fact, our team has worked closely with Nationwide’s pet health plans, which start as low as $35 per month, allows you to choose any vet, and offers options like major medical and wellness plans for routine care. Plus, Nationwide offers GOVC clients a 5% discount when signing up with the promo code VH0107.

Be sure to ask a member of the GOVC team about pet insurance at your next visit or give us a call at (713) 999-6095. With your questions. We are here to help!