November Food Drive Special

Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic is hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit MANNA Food Pantry right here in Oak Forest/Garden Oaks now through Wednesday, November 22nd. We know our clients are the most generous folks around, so we want to reward you for giving by letting you earn credits for your pet’s care!

Here’s how it works: for every 5 donation points, you’ll receive a $5 credit on your account, up to $25. The most-needed items are listed below, each with a point value.

1 Point Each:

  • Dressing/stuffing mix
  • Chicken broth
  • Green beans (canned)
  • Corn (canned)
  • Powder gravy packets

2 Points Each:

3 Points Each:

  • Sweet potatoes (canned)
  • Cake mix & frosting

To receive points, your donation must be a combination of at least two different items. Have questions about the food drive? Call us at 713-659-0650.

Thank you so much for helping others during this holiday season!