October Blood Work Special

If you’ve ever brought your pet in for an illness, chances are the veterinarian wanted to start with “blood work”— also known as a blood screening or blood panel. That’s because just like in humans, the cells and chemicals present in your pet’s blood can give the doctor a wealth of clues about what’s happening in various organs of the body.

But did you know that it’s a good idea to get your pet’s blood work checked even when they seem perfectly healthy? Animals tend to be stoic when it comes to pain and are unable to tell us how they feel, so blood work is vital to determining a diagnosis and assessing your pet’s overall health. Annual blood testing allows us to detect disease, often at an earlier stage, when it may be easier to treat.

Whether it’s for a sick visit, pre-surgical check, or preventative testing, your veterinarian will usually recommend performing a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a Chemistry Panel from your pet’s blood sample to provide a full snapshot of what’s going on internally:

  • The CBC evaluates red and white cells in your pet’s blood and can reveal many conditions, like whether he or she is anemic, dehydrated, or has an active infection.
  • A Chemistry Panel provides vital information about the internal organ functions, such as the liver and kidneys, that cannot be determined from a physical examination and can also help assess the possible progression of an underlying disease.

Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, and it’s never too early to start routine blood testing. That’s why during October, Garden Oaks is offering a Blood Work Special: Just $20 for a Complete Blood Count with a Junior Wellness Chemistry Panel, or $10 for a Complete Blood Count with a Senior Wellness Chemistry Panel.

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